August 2018
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  • The girl going to massage… 22. Oktober 2013
    A view taken from the side. Gorgeous how she stands there. Really teasing….
  • At the bus stop 20. Oktober 2013
    I just waited at a bus stop along Sukhumvit Road the other day. Suddenly klack klack klack and luckily i did not hesitate to produce my camera. A whole bunch of pics of this nice girl was the price Including when she took of the shoes to get in to the massage salon nearby. So […]
  • Another, i think the last post about this sales girl 12. Juli 2012
    Together with a helping hand (the taxi driver did not lend a hand) they packed the things in to a taxi. She helped a lot and it was a pleasure to watch her walking around busily. It really seamed that she was flying but not walking, it looked at least very graceful. A view worth […]
  • Part 3 3. Juli 2012
    This one without many words. I mean, what should i say? Its great to watch girls of her kind, isn`t it? and another one…
  • Second part, sales girl :-) Enjoy! 28. Juni 2012
    Wow, this girl was working, standing for hours in these nice, fantastic shoes, but she does not show any sign of getting tired or even pain… And she does not only wear these shoes while doing her job. Later i will show you how i know that.
  • A whole series of that girl to come… 27. Juni 2012
    I have seen her while waiting at a bus stop on Bangkoks Bangna-Trad road. She was selling some clothing at a small market. After it closed she packed her things and put the clothing as well as the stuff of the stall into a taxi: Tomorrow the series with more than 10 photos will be […]
  • She is a real Shooting Star, is she? 6. Juni 2012
    I have seen and captured her in front of the Exchange Tower directly at the Asoke BTS respectively at the intersection Sukhumvit/Soi 16. Feel for a massage after this picture? One of the hidden pearls of Bangkok massage places. Asoke parlor is hidden in a side alley of Soi 19 Sukhumvit, not too far away […]
  • These heels are really high… 5. Juni 2012
    This girl is working in Platinum Shopping Mall in Pratunam/Bangkok. Unlike other shopping malls in the central district of Bangok, Plantinum Mall is one place that is not a usual haunt for tourists. The large mall of five floors is a cheaper alternative to ladies looking for great variety of fashion apparels. For men, they […]
  • She is wearing shorts… 4. Juni 2012
  • Does this girl wear a skirt or shorts? Guess… 3. Juni 2012
    What do you think? This girl i found in front at Pratnunam-The Platinum Mall. I didn´t know as well if she was wearing some kind of trouser or a skirt. From this position almost impossible to find out, right? For the bargain hunter who loves fashion for a bargain, Pratanum market is the place to […]

You love photos from nice beautiful girls wearing high heels. Preferably in the public of course.

And you have your own dreams and imaginations of how these photos should look like.

Taking pictures from girls like these in your dreams is not to easy. Not only do you need the right good looking girl. This is not enough. This girl also should wear the clothing of your dreams.

Take fashion pictures with girls for you or doing a photo shooting for you

Now the photos of your dreams may become reality.

High Heels are incredibly cheap here in Thailand. If you ever had holidays in Thailand you noticed that almost everything is way cheaper over here.

So you just need to let us know what shoes you love. There are so many different kind of high heels. High Heel boots, pumps, peep toes, wedges,  square stacked heels, overknees, you name it.

Also the materials high heelsare  made from differ widely. Some are made from wood, some from leather, from synthetic sources.

You may also think about the fashionable outfit. Trousers, Skirts and other clothing from all material are possible. Think also about stockings/pantihose and its colours.

Then it comes to locations. Malls, parks, public traffic or a mix of all is possible. The photos can be done in during the day or in the night.

The best: the price.

For 25 personalized shots nowhere else to be seen in the internet exclusively for you with all rights on these shots you only pay 30 US-$ or 25 Euro. If you wish the girl to buy and wear extra shoes the shoes are to be added to your bill. You may also wish the girl to wear extra clothing such as pantyhoses. These expenses are to be added as well.

Notice: we can not provide any nudist pictures or porn shootings. Porn is illegal in Thailand. We only provide fashion shootings!

So please submit your suggestions to